Plastic Extrusion Machine Manufacturer in China

Established in 1998, Wuhan ZEQI Plastic Machinery Product Company Ltd. is a manufacturer which specializes in producing and designing plastic extrusion machinery and wood plastic composite extrusion equipment. Since 2000, we have committed ourselves to the R&D of special equipment for wood plastic composite, which has yielded fruitful results and an opportunity to flourish for our company. Our products have been used widely in many established corporations, and have earned a favorable reputation with customers in Southeast Asia, Iran, South Africa, Russia, and more. In order to continue to improve the quality of our products, we make great efforts to perfect our quality control management system and after sale customer services by implementing the ISO9001-2000 quality system certification. Our wood plastic composite extrusion line is recommended by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) as environmentally friendly equipment.

  • Conical Twin Screw Plastic Extruder
  • Conical Twin Screw Plastic ExtruderThis SJSZ conical twin screw plastic extruder is the specialized equipment suiting for extrusion shaping of diversified PVC powder materials. With different molds and auxiliary machines provided, it is able to manufacture all kinds of PVC plastic pipes, profiles, panels, sheets, bars and plastic granules.
  • PPR/PE Water Supply Pipe/Gas Pipe Extrusion Line
  • PPR/PE Water Supply Pipe/Gas Pipe Extrusion Line This PPR or PE water supply pipe extrusion line is constructed with vacuum calibration stand, hauling machine, cutting machine, stacker and other equipment. Therein, the single screw extruder and the hauling machine utilize the AC variable frequency speed regulating device.
  • PVC Pipe Extrusion Line
  • PVC Pipe Extrusion Line This GF series PVC pipe extrusion line is constituted by the conical twin screw extruder, vacuum calibration tank, traction machine, cutter, stacker and other parts. Both of the extruder and the traction machine are mounted with AC speed regulating system.
  • PVC Window Profile Extrusion Line
  • PVC Window Profile Extrusion LineThis PVC window profile extrusion line can select different parallel or conical twin screw extruders collocated with corresponding vacuum calibration stand, hauling machine, cutter, stacker and other auxiliary equipment, based on diverse sections of profiles and dies.
  • Outdoor WPC Profile Extrusion Line
  • Outdoor WPC Profile Extrusion LineThe MSYF outdoor WPC profile extrusion line utilizes the screw, barrel and die of special design. With our unique technology and formula, it is also configured with the matching vacuum calibration stand, saw cutting machine, stacker and other assistant devices.
  • One-step WPC Panel Making Machine
  • One-step WPC Panel Making MachineThis MSYF one-step wpc panel making machine is primarily applied in the extrusion of PVC material with wooden powder. We make use of our original technology and formula to design the WPC plate in different proportions based on its sections and applications.