Conical Twin Screw Polyolefin Extruder

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Conical Twin Screw Polyolefin Extruder

The conical twin screw polyolefin extruder is applicable for diverse polyolefin materials, like PPR, PP, PE, PS, PC, ABS, etc. It achieves high production capacity and low energy consumption. The technology applied this product combines the energy saving property of the conical twin screws with the plasticizing effect of the single screw. Our product becomes the current ideal equipment to save energy.

Comparison Table
ZQSZ polyolefin special conical twin screw extruder SJ High speed efficient single screw extruder
Model Motor power(kw) Output (kg/h) Model Motor power (kw) Output (kg/h)
ZQSZ51/105 22 ≥70 SJ65/33 55 ≥80
ZQSZ65/132 45 ≥200 SJ 75/33 110 ≥300
ZQSZ80/156 75 ≥350 SJ 90/33 160 ≥450
ZQSZ92/188 110 ≥600 SJ 120/33 250 ≥650
ZQSZ105/216 185 ≥1000 SJ 150/33 315 ≥800
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