Plastic Sheet Production Line

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Plastic Sheet Production Line

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The plastic sheet production line is suitable for producing PP, PS, PE, ABS sheets and other materials. By changing the machine die head, the extrusion line is applicable to producing PVC, PMMA and PC plates. PET material also can be processed by using additional drying machinery.

The plastic sheet production line is used to produce gift bags, advertising fans, file bags, lamp covers and food packing, etc. Thus it has wide applications in the packaging, printing, stationery, art works, and other industries.

Production scope of the plastic sheet production line: thickness 1-20mm, width 600-1800mm

As a professional plastic sheet production line manufacturer in China, we not only provide plastic extrusion line, but also offer wood plastic composite board production line, wood-plastic composite granulating production line, and more.

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