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Single Screw Extruder

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The SJ series single screw extruder is used to produce PP, PE, PS, ABS, PMMA and PVC thermoplastic pipes, boards, sheets, rods and profiles as well as plastic granules, etc. The screw length to diameter ratio and compression ratio, and barrel structure varies with different raw materials and product specifications. The single screw extruder uses optimized barrel, screw and drive mechanism to meet requirements of high quality plastic products.

With frequency control and hard tooth surface reducer, the single screw extruder offers low noise, stable running, large bearing capacity, and long life. Special computer control system and conventional control system are optional.

Technical Parameters of Single Screw Extruder
Model Length to diameter ratio (L/D) Capacity (kg/h) Screw speed (r/min) Drive power (kw) Central height (mm)
ZQSJ-25 25/1 5 20-120 2.2 1000
ZQSJ-30 25/1 10 20-180 5.5 1000
ZQSJ-45 25/1 50-150 20-150 7.5-22 1000
ZQSJ-65 25-33/1 60-250 20-150 22-90 1000
ZQSJ-75 25-33/1 200-350 20-150 55-110 1000
ZQSJ-90 25-33/1 180-550 20-110 37-185 1000-1100
ZQSJ-120 25-33/1 320-800 20-90 75-280 1000-1250
ZQSJ-150 25-33/1 400-1200 20-75 90-355 1000-1300

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