PVC pipe twin screw extrusion line

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PVC pipe twin screw extrusion line

1. The PVC pipe twin screw extrusion line is mainly used in the manufacture of PVC pipes with various diameters and wall thickness in the fields of agriculture, constructional plumbing, cable laying, etc.
2. It is composed of the conical twin screw extruder, a vacuum calibration machine, a traction machine, a cutter and so on. The extruder and the traction machine are equipped with famous brand AC frequency converting control device. The vacuum pump and the electric motor of good quality are also mounted. While the traction machine works through 2, 3, 4 or 6 claws.
3. The cutter runs in two ways, the saw cutting or planetary cutting. It also uses the length measuring apparatus and the thickening device.
4. The PVC pipe twin screw extrusion line offers stable performance and high production efficiency.
5. There are also some optional devices, such as the pipe end expanding device, spiral mute tube making unit and the core foaming tube making device or as required.

Technical Specification
Item SZ50-2×GF50 SZ65-4×GF50
Extruder model SJSZ51/105 SJSZ65/132
Pipe diameter (mm) ∮16-∮32 ∮16-∮32
Main power(kw) 18.5 37
Installed capacity(kw) 65 80
Output (kg/h) 120 250
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