PVC WPC Granulation Line

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PVC WPC Granulation Line

This PVC WPC granulation line is suitable for processing the wooden powder mixed with PVC material and additives commonly used indoors. This production line is constituted with the conical twin screw extruder specially used for wood plastic composites, the pelletizing die head, pelletizing machine and stainless steel air cooling device. The board of the die head for discharging materials is made of 38GrMOALA quality alloy steel that is quenched, tempered and nitrided. Moreover, the die is durable for it is formed by 45# steel forging that is processed exquisitely. Aided with the reasonably designed outlet of passage, it ensures the even extrusion of granules.

Our PVC WPC granulation line employs the precise and elastic cutter that keeps the cutting surface flat and smooth, protects the discharge board with a long life. Due to the continuously variable speed motor, the pelletizing machine runs stably enough to adapt to different running speed required by various granulation technologies. With particular stainless steel structure, the cyclone separator improves the cooling efficiency. Multiple strong blowers with fresh cooling idea ensure the quality of granules. In addition, a range of production lines can be configured to meet the needs of different production.

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