One-step WPC Panel Making Machine

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One-step WPC Panel Making Machine

This one-step wpc panel making machine is suitable for making the building partitions, door sheet of cabinet, sill board, wainscot board and other WPC plates.

This MSYF one-step wpc panel making machine is primarily applied in the extrusion of PVC material with wooden powder. We make use of our original technology and formula to design the WPC plate in different proportions based on its sections and applications. With the option of twin screw extruder or single screw extruder in variable specifications, this product line can select the corresponding auxiliary equipment, like vacuum calibration stand, hauling machine, transverse cutter, stacker, etc. With different molds changed, we can make the products that customers need exactly.

Technical Parameters
Model MSYF150 MSYF180 MSYF240 MSYF300
Max. width of profiles
150 180 240 300
Total power of auxiliary machine (kw) 15 18.7 27.5 33.1
Capacity of cooling water (m³/h) 5 5 7 7
Pressure of compressed air (Mpa) 0.6

Technical Process of PVC WPC Products (One step)

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