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This WPC decorative plate extrusion line makes full use of our original technology and formula to make wood plastic composite boards with the wooden powder combined with PE or PP materials. The WPC board is widely used for interior decorative parts of deluxe automobile, decoration board, advertising backplane, substrate and decoration products in hotel, restaurant and other entertainment places.

This WPC decorative plate extrusion line adopts the SJMS120/30 exhaust extruder or MSSZ80 WPC conical twin screw extruder. Collocated with specially designed calendaring machine, traction machine, sheet shear, this production line uses three rollers for mirror surface grinding, three rollers for separate drive, edge cutting system for waste materials and the thermostatic water tank with three rollers. Moreover, it supports variable frequency speed regulation. The wood plastic composite plate made by this extrusion line is generally designed with the width of 1000 to 2000mm and the thickness of .2 to 10mm.

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