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PVC WPC Granulation Line

Utilizing the Celuka foaming technology, the WPC foamed board extrusion line is composed of the conical twin screw extruder, die, vacuum calibration unit, traction unit and so on. We can provide proper solutions and all the processing techniques for customers. Moreover, this production line incorporates such features as high output, stable extrusion and high foaming performance. It can make the foamed board with smooth and wearable surface.

Main Technical Parameters
Model: MSSZ80-FPBC1250PVC
Material of board: PVC + wooden powder + other additives
Max. Width of board: 1220mm×2440mm (Length can be adjusted)
Thickness of board: 8-20mm
Max. Extrusion capacity: 300kg/h (capacity varies with the density change)
Total installed power: 215kw (Including mould heating power)
Use conditions: 380V/three phase/50Hz (Can be changed according to customers local power supply)
Linear speed of traction machine: 0.1-1.2m/min
Dimensions: About 24000×2480×2200mm

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