PP Foam Sheet Extrusion Line (Chemical Means)

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PP Foam Sheet Extrusion Line (Chemical Means)

This PP foam sheet extrusion line is constructed with the foaming machine, auxiliary extruder, distribution device, foaming die, molding device, traction part, cutting device, electrical equipment and so on. Its main accessories are bought from famous plants at home and abroad. Moreover, the extrusion line applies the PP foaming screw with core technology and specialized foaming die. Our PP foam sheet extrusion line offers east operation, high safety, precise temperature control, low energy consumption, high output, stable foam extrusion and other characteristics.

We have developed the advanced technology to make PP foam board without crosslinked polymers and realize the even, smooth PP foaming layer with bright surface or distinct decorative grain. The density of the foam board is about 0.45 to 0.6g/cm³. The thickness ranges from 0.6 to 15mm and the width of the board varies in the range of 600 to 1600mm. The PP foam sheet or plate is extensively applied in stationery, interior decoration of automobile, lining of suitcase, circulation box, food packing container, building mold plate and other industries.

We have mastered the mature three layered, double layered and single layered co-extrusion foaming technologies. The complete solutions can be supplied for clients. 

General Technical Parameters
Model ZQSJ65-PP1200 ZQSJ75-PP1600
Output (kg/h) 120-150 200-250
Screw diameter(mm) Ф65/132 Ф75/156
Width of sheet (mm) 1200 1600
Thickness of sheet (mm) 0.6-5.0 0.8-5.0
Traction speed (m/min) 1-15 1-15
Main motor power (kw) 45 75
Auxiliary machine power (kw) 20 25
Heating power (kw) 35 60
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