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Plastic Alloy Steel Geocell Sheet Production Line

Plastic Alloy Steel Geocell Sheet Production Line
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After more than 100 tests in 6 years, Zeqi Company has independently researched and developed the new type of plastic alloy steel geocell sheet production line based on the original HDPE geocell sheet production line, the most advanced technologies at home and abroad and bold innovation, and considering the characteristics of the raw materials and factors that the products shall reach the optimal physical state, a new breakthrough in the limitation of the original HDPE geocell sheet production line has also been successfully made. The production line is composed of one or more single screw extruders and supported by specially designed reinforcing devices, moulds and auxiliary parts. After several tests, the testing indexes of produced products are all highly above national standard, and some of which are even above international standard, thus the overall physical indexes of the new type of plastic alloy steel geocell sheet product are increased. The production of the new plastic alloy steel geocell sheet production line heralds the spring of the promotion and application of the product.


1 Used to stabilize railway subgrade;

2 Used to stabilize highway subgrade;

3 Used to bear weight of dikes and retaining walls;

4 Used for shallow river regulation;

5 Used to support pipes and sewers;

6 Used for mixed retaining walls for preventing loaded gravity of landslide;

7 Used for independent walls, docks, jetties and so on;

8 Used for regulation of deserts, sea beaches, riverbeds and river banks.

Nine Major Advantages

High performance: long-term creep resistance, softening resistance and stress cracking resistance, low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), oxidation, extreme temperature and UV exposure resistance.

Moisture permeability: 98% opening area for rainwater conservation and runoff reduction. And a drainage decompression structure is self-built to conserve more moisture and satisfy the needs of the construction of sponge city at the same time.

Soil conservation: immobilize surface soil for strength of extension and improve soil shear strength to adapt to micro deformation of the base.

Load performance improvement: withstand 10 times the cycle load, reduce load stress more than 30% and reduce local and global settlement of the base.

Scour prevention: adapt to continuous or intermittent flow, be protected by vegetation, packing and soil membrane, change the geometrical shape of channel and regulate the flow. The flexible structures absorb water flow and surge impact.

Ecological protection: use low quality and recycled packing. Landform damage and traces of construction are small. Conserve of water and soil, recharge groundwater and reduce heat island effect.

Easy construction: being customized, it needs no on-site secondary processing. It is suitable for all kinds of soft soil foundation in any season. The construction is fast and can be executed throughout the whole year.

Advanced technology: the new polymer composite materials are modified on the basis of traditional plastic geocell. In product welding technology, domestic third generation of ultrasonic welding technology and equipment are adopted to ensure the welding quality of the products.

Cost saving: low construction cost, short construction period. Compared with traditional technology, the labour cost can be saved about 50%, and material cost can be effectively saved depending on the specific project.

Comparison of Material Strength Indexes for Plastic Alloy Steel Geocell

Main index

Foreign standard (KN/M)

Domestic standard (KN/M)

Executive standards for the product (KN/M)

Tensile strength




Tearing strength




Thermal deformation temperature




Performance Comparison between Plastic Alloy Steel Geocell and Traditional Geocell

Comparison item

Plastic alloy steel geocell

Traditional geocell

Packing material selection

Larger range and size of particle can be used for packing (including sand)

Quarry waste materials, recycled materials, local soil and trees and other lower grade materials can be used

Specific shape, rank and special grading requirements are needed

No low quality materials

Maximum particle diameter of packing

1/3 cell height (max 100mm)

1/2 mesh size (max 20mm)

Fully constrained region

Depending on cell height and particle diameter of packing

(max 300mm)

1-2 times the maximum particle diameter (max 40mm)

Constrained effect direction

Three-dimensional direction

Unidirection or bi-direction

Packing life

Abrasion of packing can be reduced

Abrasion of packing cannot be reduced

Comparison of Main Performance Indexes of Plastic Alloy Steel Geocell

Comparison index

Plastic alloy steel geocell process characteristics

Traditional reinforced concrete process characteristics

Energy Consumption

3% of reinforced concrete energy dissipation

Every one ton of crude steels may consume 2.6 tons of raw materials and 6 tons of water, and produce 2 tons of CO2, 1.5 tons of waste water and 0.5 ton of waste. Cement industry consumes about 15% of the total coal consumption in China

CO2 emission

3% of reinforced concrete energy dissipation

Grass planting greening

Restore vegetation

Cannot restore vegetation

Ecological landscape

The slope may support plant growth, and the landscape is good

The disguise is poor or even no landscape

Construction method and period

The construction period is 1/5 of traditional technology and no major treatment is needed to the base

Excavation and ground foundation is required, and the concrete strength needs to be matched. The period is long and much manpower is required

Vibration strength

Provide the tensile capacity that oil lacks, and is featured with flexible structure, which makes it easy to be combined with the oil with good vibration strength

The slope and the packing soil are independent. The slope is subject to active earth pressure due to earthquake, and the structure may be destroyed after separation caused by multiple times of moving.

Service life

Up to 100 years

Under 50 years

Construction cost

20-50% reduced

1.2-2 times of the new technology in unit cost

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